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Owner Spotlight: Dawn Stastny

Dawn Stastny is the owner and founder of Stellaris Group, using her 30+ years of experience in the HR field to provide businesses with customer and employee-related guidance. She has not only obtained degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Development but also holds a Senior Professional Human Resources Certification (SPHR) from the HR Certification Institute, an SHRM-SCP designation from the Society for Human Resources Management, and is also a HIPAA Compliance Officer.
Dawn was employed in an HR capacity for a variety of companies. While in the advertising and design industries, she saw more leniency and flexibility. On the other side of the spectrum, transportation and pharmaceuticals required a much more stringent approach with more legal implications. While involved in the pharmaceutical industry, Dawn became a subject-matter expert on the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

She learned of many businesses that weren't aware of the importance and complexities of HR, much less their need for a dedicated Human Resources partner. Small to mid-sized businesses were in great need of an independent HR consultant who would invest in their company and treat it like their own business. With this need in sight, Dawn founded and began operating Stellaris Group in 2011. Her primary goals from the beginning were to be involved in her client's company culture and make sure they knew when it's permitted to operate in the grey area, and when a more conservative approach should be enacted. She not only provides guidance but also assists in the implementation of policies and other in-office initiatives.

HIPAA Compliance

As previously stated, Dawn is a HIPAA Compliance Officer, which means that she always stays up to date on requirements related to HIPAA, but she also takes an active role in client affairs when HIPAA compliance applies. Some duties include:

  • Maintaining in-depth knowledge of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
  • HIPAA implementation and documentation
  • Creating training opportunities to ensure that management and employees understand HIPAA and how it applies to them
  • Implement HIPAA compliance updates when necessary
Though HIPAA compliance should always be taken seriously, it has become especially relevant with COVID-19 heavily affecting companies. Through the pandemic, Dawn has been a valuable asset to so many Stellaris clients and continues to provide much-needed services.

What Others Have to Say…

Stellaris clients and employees alike have many good things to say about Dawn and her dedication to Stellaris:

"It is my great pleasure to recommend The Stellaris Group to everyone!! They are second to none in service—brilliant! Dawn Whitaker Stastny is a fearless leader whose innovation in business model is quite inspiring. Thank you for going above and beyond as well as offering your invaluable services to our clients at WEDA!"

Wendi Dillard, WEDA (Women's Economic Development Agency)

"Dawn has a wealth of knowledge in the HR world. Working for her is a lot like being a college student – there are a tremendous number of things to learn in the HR field and Dawn teaches those by giving hands-on training on a daily basis. She's determined to get things done and has grown a business that no one even knew they needed. It's incredibly impressive!"

Stacy Connell, Stellaris
Dawn has developed an outstanding reputation for Stellaris Group regionally, nationally, and even internationally, and because of this reputation she saw fortuitous growth. She has worked tirelessly to get Stellaris Group to where it is today and is eager to continue expanding her team and her business.
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