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Finding Love While on the Clock

Is it possible to meet, fall in love, and have a successful relationship with someone at work? It all depends. We spend, on average, eight hours per day at work, five days a week—but some of us will spend much more time at work than others. Unless you have a busy social life, the chances of meeting your significant other in the workplace are pretty high. This can actually be a good thing for many, but there may be caveats: Is it permissible to date a coworker according to the business owner or large corporation's company policy?

Some businesses may be just fine with dating a coworker or in some cases, dating a supervisor or owner of the business while other companies may completely ban dating coworkers or upper management all together. The only way to know whether dating someone at work is or is not allowed is to read the employee manual or to check with Human Resources. If, for some reason, there is no handbook to refer to or an in-house HR department, check with a reputable HR company like Stellaris Group in Marietta, Georgia who will not only prepare an Employee Manual that is specific to each company's needs but can also provide all-inclusive HR services.

 Clear policies leave no room for misinterpretation, and face it, people are only human, and stuff happens. Many of us have worked in situations where we see a coworker involved with upper management when the rules state this is not within company policy. It happens all the time and rule-makers are generally the first to break the rules. This is why company policy needs to be crystal clear. This is a direct violation of company policy and it also causes other people at work to feel uncomfortable, which can lead to low morale and low productivity. Not good.

Workplace romances are good when they are good, but when they aren't, things can quickly go south. If you meet someone at work, and policy states dating is allowed, keep in mind that you still need to use common sense while at work: Leave last night's argument at the door when you arrive at work, and watch those PDAs. For these two reasons alone, clear policies are a must-have.

Stellaris Group in Marietta, Georgia is a Human Resource company that can provide group meetings on romance in the workplace or any other subject you need to learn about and can also guide you in the right direction when it comes to Employee and Labor Relations problems and solutions. They provide customized Employee Handbooks, Management Support Services, and so much more. An informed company is a productive company and Stellaris Group has the answers to keep you on the right path to success. 

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