Nobody ever wants to receive an NOI (Notice of Inspection) from the government, but with the Social Security Agency (SSA) helping to crack down on illegal workers in the United States, SSA "No Match" letters are on the rise again and these could possibly trigger a government audit. SSA in the past sent out a "Request for Employer Information," also known as No Match Letters, but stopped sending them in 2012. As of July 2018, due to the "Buy American, Hire American" Executive Order, No Match letters were sent out regarding 2017 W-2 mismatches, and as of spring 2019, No Match letters will go out regarding mismatched information for 2018 W-2s.

Employers will receive a No Match letter from the SSA when an employee's W-2 information does not match the information that SSA has on file. The letter is sent in an effort for the employer to correct wrong information for an employee, but it strongly suggests not to take action against the employee for a number of reasons: marriage, administrative errors, misspelled names, accidental SS number reversals … the list is endless.

The employer is instructed in the letter as to what actions need to be taken in order to correct mismatched information such as comparing employer information to that of SSA information. Some helpful tips include the following: have the employee check his or her numbers on the SS card to see if they match employers information on file; if there is an error, have the employee contact the SSA to have the error corrected; ensure if the employee was recently married or divorced, that the name is correct on the SS card. Employers must tread very lightly, however, because you don't want to be caught up in a bad alphabet soup consisting of ICE, SSA, and the Immigrant and Employment Rights Section of the Department of Justice (IER) or INA.

If an employer knowingly (or unknowingly) hires an undocumented worker, the fines and penalties are stiff and jail time may even be warranted, depending on the situation, number of violations, repeated offender, etc. SSA W-2 mismatches and I-9 violations are on the rise, and fines have all but doubled since August of 2016 and are based on per error or omission—not per individual form and can be upwards of $2,156 per each violation! The numbers will add up very quickly at that rate. ICE is increasing enforcement officers and special agents from 6,000 by adding 10,000 more mandated agents and officers because of the exponential growth of government audits.

*Penalties for Hiring Undocumented Immigrants

If you have either knowingly (or not) hired an undocumented worker penalties can begin at $375 per undocumented immigrant and up to $1600 per worker for three or more consistent offenses. A fine of $3000 per employee will be charged to repeated offenders and up to six months of jail time could also be enforced.

What are the Civil Violations to look out for?



"Engaging in a pattern or practice of hiring, recruiting or referring for a fee unauthorized aliens."

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