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6 Benefits of Internships for Employers

Have you ever watched a movie where an intern's sole purpose is to go on coffee runs and complete meaningless tasks? It usually features a frazzled young adult, a callous supervisor, and a series of disasters. The good news is that this representation of interns isn't so accurate anymore as companies are taking advantage of all that interns have to offer and are reaping the benefits. One of the many benefits of an internship program is that it's useful for you and the intern. The intern gains valuable experience while the employer gets to use the internship program as an opportunity for company growth. Here are 6 reasons you should start an internship program!

Internship Benefits

Identify Potential Future Employees

The interview process can provide substantial information, but it isn't always the most accurate representation of the candidate's work ethic or abilities. When hiring a full-time employee, the process for onboarding and offboarding is much more extensive than that of an intern. Through internship programs, you can identify potential full-time employees and use their internship as a test run. You have no long-term commitment and can make a fully informed decision about the candidate. Not to mention, they will already know the ropes if they choose to come on full-time.

Increase Productivity

Though supervision is usually needed, your interns can take on a substantial workload that is beneficial to their career and education, while your full-time employees have more time to complete complex tasks that require more experience. This increases productivity and takes some of the small, but daunting tasks off your full-time employees. Completing company tasks makes the intern feel valuable and allows full-time employees to slow down a little bit and focus on the most important tasks.

Low-Cost Labor

One of the most beneficial aspects of an internship program is often high-quality work at a low cost. Since your intern doesn't have a long list of degrees and/or experience, they aren't expected to be paid much. You get enthusiastic and hard-working young talent, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

New Ideas and Technology

Interns are typically more up to date on the latest technology and trends. This can be of great use to your company when it comes to your industry and social media presence. Your full-time employees may have settled into a routine, so the combination of experience with new ideas and technology makes a great recipe for growth for your company.

Leadership Opportunities

Bringing in interns allows your full-time employees to exercise leadership skills. Observing their skills could help you identify who would do well in a managerial position, but it could also increase confidence in some of your other employees. How employees handle being in a position of authority can tell you a lot about their potential.

Retain Employees

Studies show that an employee who started as an intern within the company is more likely to stay with that company for a longer period of time than other employees. This reduces your retention rates and saves you money long term.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Both large and small companies can experience the benefits of an intern or an internship program. Always remember that interns bring more than cheap labor to the table, they bring innovation, creativity, passion, and a fresh set of eyes. Recognizing the true value of young talent can take your company to the next level, and your intern is learning valuable skills, whether they accept a long-term position or realize they want to go another direction with their career. Investing in the next generation could be your next big move – don't let the chance pass you by.
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