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It’s Time to Rethink Performance Reviews

Employers sit down with employees once a year with an Annual Performance Review. Studies have shown that this method of sitting down with an employee and trying to evaluate everything he or she has done over a one-year period is now considered backward-looking, and it really does nothing to inspire or help an employee to become an even more valuable asset to your company. In fact, most employees find it berating, and employers find it time-consuming, with the overall process not necessarily cost effective. 

No matter the size of your company, an annual performance review is just not going to cut it anymore. Smart business owners and employers know that the way to help employees become more confident and happier in the workplace is to provide them access to on-the-job coaching and believe it or not, employees want this! Skill development is a win-win for all. Employers are looking for ways to put insights in managers' hands so they can lead to their teams.

Know Your People

How can you coach someone if you don't know what they bring to the table? Talk to them. Get to know them. Forward-looking talks build plans. Plans help employees to reach goals. The key to all this is to educate your managers and turn them into coaches. The only way to effectively keep things moving forward is to ensure managers are getting the proper training they need in order to properly coach their teams.

Most managers find the task of managing their teams overwhelming. They have their own work to do along with managing the workplace. Remember that empowered managers make better coaches. Providing ongoing training such as seminars, reading materials, or classes will provide them the insights they need to do a better job so they can coach employees on a regular basis and this keeps the ball rolling.

Be Consistent

Managers need to be consistent with coaching their employees and helping them to realize their strengths and weaknesses. Doing this once a year is not the answer. Think of it this way: Sports teams do not have bosses –they have coaches; the best coaches have the best teams. The same applies with the workplace. Employers need to ditch the boss mentality and take on the role of being a coach or providing managers the training they need to become successful coaches. This guides employees in the right direction on a consistent basis, and not just once a year. It is much more cost-effective and rewarding for everyone.

Stellaris Group in Roswell, Georgia is a full-service Human Resources company that can provide training and coaching for any business. The company stays on top of the latest training methods, ever-changing laws, workplace rules and regulations for both private and government sectors, and can provide you with the proper methodologies and training that can turn your best managers into the best coaches and you know that means: happier employees.
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