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Why Creating a Good Culture Really Matters in the Workplace

 The type of culture the workplace has will directly depend on the management/owner of the company and will trickle down from there. Culture is the very heart of the company and is an integral part of everything that goes on between 9-to-5 and then some. Ever wonder why some companies have such a difficult time keeping employees? Culture.

When a company has a culture that nurtures its employees by providing incentives, praise, proper training and recognition for a job well done, everyone benefits. When the right people are hired to fill a position in a company, it has to go beyond filling a position—they also have to want to be a part of a certain culture—your culture.

Believe it or not, there are some people who honestly just want to go to work and earn a paycheck. They are not there to make friends or to get ahead. If your company's culture does not promote this attitude, and you sense this about a potential employee yet hire them anyway, you will have a problem. Your valuable people will leave; good people will not stay in a bad environment. How do you prevent this?

A Human Resources department knows how to create a good culture in the workplace and a good HR department knows how to weed out potentially bad fits for the culture it has helped to create. The right culture also means your company will have a happier HR department that is not saddled with extensive turnover and paperwork. It's a match made in corporate heaven. Human Resources stays on top of the latest rules, regulations and laws that must be updated on a routine basis in order for companies to manage their employees with little to no incidents.

An HR department can effectively create an employee handbook that clearly defines the company's culture, mission, goals, bylaws, and expectations. They can also help to outline a structured timeline for orientation and onboarding that ensures employee training that leads to a happier, more knowledgeable employee who is comfortable and confident in his or her new position. All of this helps to create a culture that is conducive to less turnover and more content employees who want to work harder for the company's bottom line.

If your company does not have an HR department, look for one that is SPHR and SHRM certified like Stellaris Group in Roswell, Georgia. An outsourced human resources company can literally help to save your company from a myriad of trouble and turnover, while helping you to achieve the right culture for greater autonomy in the workplace. 

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